Beer cans or bottles? This is what you need to know

It is an interesting topic that many of you beer lovers may recognize: canned beer is tastier than bottled beer. Or is bottled beer the true winner here? There are many different stories and even myths about canned and bottled beer. So what is the deal? In this blog we take a deep dive into the differences and the advantages between these two. Done reading? Then you CAN brag about the fact that beer cans are perfectly fine.

Beer in cans: there's nothing wrong with that!

Canned beer? That can’t be good! It seems that canned beer suffers from an underlying problem. Start talking about drinking beer out of a can and some faces will show you their true colors. Well, that has to change, because canned beer is slightly better in quality when compared to popular bottled beer. Who would have thought that?

American beers in cans

Canned beer was invented in America. Gottfried Krueger Brewery started selling canned beer on January 24, 1935. Before this, various tests had been done with cans and beer, but unfortunately there were quite a few explosions. The cans just couldn't take it. After many different tests and other developments, a tin packaging was created that remained 'whole', but you could still taste the 'dirty metallic' flavor. But that too has been resolved since the end of the last century.

Does it affect the taste of the beer?

Back in the days it could be possible that your delicious canned beer did indeed taste slightly different than when it was served out of a bottle. How is that possible? In the past, the packaging which contained the beer, was not treated with any ‘coatings’. Therefore it was possible that a metallic taste slipped into the beer. No thanks!

Nowadays cans are provided with different 'coatings' or layers on the inside of the container. In this way, your beer will continue to taste delicious and the taste of metal, or tin, will remain sidelined. Canned beer is now of excellent quality! So should you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to defend that can of beer that you are holding? Then you just start talking about 'coatings', different layers and that this secures that perfect quality!

 “Because of different coatings inside the packaging, your beer will taste perfect!”

A can of beer and it’s image

It sounds crazy, but this is true! Canned beer seems to suffer from an ‘image’ problem. But why? Many park benches are often littered with empty beer cans, so it seems that many people associate beer cans with homeless people. Because canned beer is available in half litres, for a reasonably cheap price, it seems that this is the cause of a less positive image. But, let’s debunk that myth right now: canned beer is simply 'classy' and many craft beers come in cans. So get rid of that prejudice about cheap half liters cans of beer.

4 reasons why cans are better

Beer cans have many advantages. There is even no better packaging than cans (sorry beer bottle fans). We list 4 reasons for you so that you immediately understand why beer cans are currently gaining ground in the world of beer breweries:

1. A can blocks light

It is better for the quality of the beer to see as little light as possible, and that is exactly what cans do well: blocking light! Excluding light ensures that the flavor remains good and stays stable.

2. No oxygen

Cans also ensure that oxygen doesn’t get in touch with beer and that protects the quality and taste. A bottle with a screw cap, or crown cap, is not completely closed. Conclusion: without oxygen you get better beer. That takes your breath away huh!

3. Cans are better for the environment

Contributing to a better environment is always a good idea! In this case, aluminum is a sustainable solution. The packaging is not heavy and therefore a light material. So it is easier to transport. Stacking the cans is also no problem. All this ensures that less transport is needed, and that makes a difference! Tin cans can be easily recycled, you just have to separate them and throw them in the plastic waste.

4. Your beer is getting cold quick

Beer in a tin can gets cold very quickly, that's another plus. The material of the can ensures that the beer is cold much faster. This way you can serve a cold beer quicker than you can say: freeze! Are you already excited?

What are the benefits of bottled beer?

Ok, ok, till so far our plea for beer cans. We do not want to skip bottled beer, because to be honest, bottled beer is way more popular. But what are the benefits of bottled beer? We listed them below:

Beer can only be refermented in beer bottles

With various types of beer, ingredients are added before the cap is put on the bottle (bottling). This process is called refermentation which develops extra carbon dioxide. Refermentation slowly builds up pressure and only beer bottles can handle that pressure. Unfortunately, cans are not a success and will burst (or explode) under pressure. So, you win on this one, bottles!

Topping off beer in a can is more difficult

Filling cans with beer properly is more difficult. This process requires complex machines that often require a larger investment. Filling bottles is simply easier. This is therefore a major advantage in terms of process and costs.

Our eye-catchers: canned beers

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