5 best rated beers on Untappd in our webshop

You want to discover new beers and then share them on Untappd, but you don't know where to start? The same Untappd is often a good tool to make your choice and life a little bit easier. On Untappd, you will find ratings by users when you check-in. Some beers have already been checked and critically assessed more than a hundred thousand times by the expert jury (you are one of them). Thanks to the average rating of those thousands of users, you can be sure that you won't go wrong. To help you on your beer expedition, we give you a selection of the best rated beers in our webshop according to Untappd users! 

What is Untappd?

Never heard of Untappd before? Then here's a brief introduction:

Untappd is a social media platform where you can check in every time you drink a beer. While you check-in you can, among other things, add a photo, a description or explanation of your experience. But the most important part: you can leave a review. This review is on a scale of 0 to 5 stars. You rate the beer you're drinking (like ranking the stars). By doing this you create your own beer drinking logbook and you are helping other users with discovering and tasting (new) kinds of beer.

In addition to keeping track of all the beers you tried, you will also find a lot of information about the beer, different beer types and the breweries on Untappd. So it has become a kind of Wikipedia for beer. And because it's a social network, you can also follow your friends and see and toast to their experiences. ‘Toasting’ can be compared to giving a ‘like’ of ‘thumbs up’, but then on Untappd. This way you can share beer experiences together and enrich your knowledge and become an ultimate beer expert. 

The best rated beers on Untappd

So, are you ready to do some real ‘beer’ research and benchmarking? Then Untappd is the perfect platform for you! Of Course we were curious about the beers we offer online in our webshop and what Untappd users had to say. So we did our own benchmark so we can tell you which beers in our webshop have the highest rankings* on Untappd. Of Course we thought about everyone's taste and preferences, so we have taken as many different types of beers as possible. 

*Because Untappd is a community and social platform that is constantly changing and developing, information and rating can differ because of new reviews. Furthermore, our craft beer line-up is also changing due to out of stock or limited editions which means some beers can not be ordered right away.

5. Redrum IPA Special Edition (3,95) 

We start with an IPA; one of the most popular beers of the moment. Redrum Special Edition is the best rated IPA (according to Untappd) from our webshop. This Special Edition is an upgraded version of the regular Redrum IPA brewed by AF Brew in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This special edition has doubled in strength and contains double the amount of malt and hops. You can decide for yourself whether it is twice as tasty than other IPAs, but with an average rating of 3.95, it is definitely recommended for IPA lovers! 

Redrum AF Brew best Untappd.

4. Greenhouse Imperial Lager - Conditioned On American Oak Foudre (4,03)

For lovers of pilsener or lager, also known as 'regular of common beer', Greenhouse Imperial Lager - Conditioned On American Oak Foudre is the best choice based on Untappd experiences. It's a mouthful, literally and figuratively. With an alcohol percentage of 7.5% and sweet notes of honey, among other things, it is not quite a standard lager, but it is a Lager, because it is a bottom-fermented beer. In addition, it is as accessible as lager or other types of lager. So you should definitely try this one!

3. Blushing Monk 2020 (4,15)

Blushing Monk is brewed in Michigan by Founders Brewing, but has been influenced by Belgian standards. Blushing Monk is certainly not the only popular beer from this brewery, because Founders beers are the best-selling beers from Beer Republic. Blushing Monk is a fruity double. During the brewing process, a bizarre amount of raspberries are added with a Belgian yeast strain. This gives the beer a beautiful dark red color and a surprising kick. It has an alcohol percentage of 9.2%, hello! This makes Blushing Monk a perfect dessert beer and is also perfectly matched with fresh cheeses, fruit and pastries. 

Blushing monk by Founders brewery.

2. KBS Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2021 (4,41)

Stout beers are the highest rated beers on Untapped. Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) is one of them and has a rating on Untappd of 4.4 stars based on more than 205,000 reviews. Look who is famous y’all!

KBS is a stout where an enormous amount of coffee and chocolate is added during the brewing process. Because the beer matures for a year in bourbon barrels, it gets a fantastic and unique rich taste and is remarkably strong. KBS is dark in color and has an alcohol percentage of 12%. So you really have to sit down for this! O, and serve after breakfast please..

Breakfast stout by Founders Brewery.

  1. The Rusty Nail 2020 (4,51)

The Rusty Nail by Fremont from Seattle Washington is a fantastic beer in every way and deserves to be number 1 on our list of the best rated beers according to Untappd users. This Stout beer has an extraordinary rich taste thanks to the maturation process in bourbon barrels that lasts no less than 15 months. The Rusty Nail consists of a combination of different types of hops, such as Magnum and US Golding, licorice and cinnamon and has an alcohol percentage of 14.4%. As delicious and unique as the taste is, so beautiful is the bottle of The Rusty Nail. You should definitely have checked this photogenic beer on Untappd!

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