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A nice blondie, who doesn't love it? Blonde beer is light, fresh and a favorite amongst a lot of people. You can recognize a blonde beer by its slightly cloudy and soft yellow color. Especially in the Netherlands and Belgium we call it blonde beer for that reason. Besides that, blonde beer is an umbrella name for various styles of beer. And did you know that in other countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, this beer is called Pale Ale or Blonde Ale? Whether you say Pale Ale, top-fermented gold or plain blond, we've rounded up our favorites for you! 

Our selection of 'blondies' is listed in no particular order.

1. Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Oskar Blues is a typical American brewery from Colorado. This brewery has only been around since 2002, but they are certainly no rookies when it comes to brewing beer. Their Dale's Pale Ale is particularly appreciated. A combination of European malts and American hops provide a surprisingly delicious taste. You should definitely try this one! 

Dale's pale ale blonde beer.

2. Guayabera by Cigar City

You may know Guayabera as a shirt that is often worn in Latin American countries. It is made of light and highly breathable materials. That's exactly how you can describe Cigar City's Guayabera Pale Ale. This blonde beer is refreshing and considered an ‘easy drinker’. Perfect to enjoy during those hot summer days, which is a good thing because Guayabera is brewed in Florida: the sunshine state. 

Guayabere blonde beer Beer Republic.

3. Three Weavers Day Job

Day Job is a strong American Pale Ale. This beer owes its name to the hard workers who put their heart and soul into brewing beer all day long. You can taste the love! Day Job is a smooth, yet refreshing craft beer with aromas of grapefruit and pine. Celebrate life, that is what this beer is all about! So share it and drink it together with all of your friends. And unlike brewing, drinking is certainly not a day job. Before you know it, it's gone and you want another one...and another on...and another one…

Day job blonde beer.

4. Denver Pale Ale

Denver Pale Ale (DPA) is the flagship of Great Devide Brewers Company. In fact, DPA is one of the most awarded English-style Pale Ales in the world. DPA is known for the soft hop taste with savory tones. So no fruity and floral aromas, but still a very subtle taste. Denver Pale Ale is a must for every (craft) beer lover.

5. Firestone Walker DBA 

DBA, also known as Double Barrel Ale, is a typical English Pale Ale, but brewed in the United States. This blonde beer is also very accessible with an alcohol percentage of 5%. And the Firestone Walker DBA is also characterized by a smooth mid palate with shades of vanilla and toasted oak. A real thirst quencher!

Firestone blonde beer.

6. Amersfoort Pale Ale

Looking for an inland domestic Pale Ale? Then Amersfoort Pale Ale is a good choice! With an alcohol percentage of 5.8%, it is also an easy blond beer to drink. A good amount of hops gives the beer a crisp and fresh character. Next to that you will taste some fruity tones which  provide a good balance between bitterness and sweet. Amersfoort Pale Ale is brewed like the Pale Ale from America, but with a stubborn Dutch touch.

7. Born Yesterday Lagunitas

I wasn’t born yesterday! That also applies to Born Yesterday craft beer in this case. This American Pale Ale is in fact the renewed version of some esteemed predecessors from the Lagunitas brewery. The 'secret' recipe? Virgin hops from the green Yakima valley. These hops are so fresh, it hurts!

8. Doggy Style Pale Ale 

Doggy Style, blond.. It almost sounds.. yeah you know. But nothing could be further from the truth. Doggy Style Pale Ale from Flying Dog is an American Pale Ale that you should definitely try. The combination of citrus and grassy hops provides a firm, yet sweet body with an alcohol percentage of 5.5%. That makes shameless 'doggy styling' very accessible.

9. Bliksem’s Hemelvuur

We wrap up the list of our favorite blonde beers with Dutch pride. Hemelvuur is brewed in Breda and looks a lot like a Belgian Tripel. In general, these are well-appreciated beers and that certainly applies to this blonde beer. Hemelvuur from Bliksem brewery is described as a typical blonde triple. The mix of three types of hops and grains provides the experience that is divine! Be prepared to be hit by lightning! 

Hemelvuur blond beer.

Blonde beers from all over the world

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