Everything you need to know about Saison beer

At Beer Republic you will find many different types of beer. Each kind of beer has its own backstory. One of the unique beers we sell in our webshop is Saison beer, and we would love to tell you more about this ale style beer. Saison beer is a really fresh beer that you should definitely try this summer. You can read everything about Saison beer in this blog!

What is Saison beer?

Saison beer originated in Wallonia in the south of Belgium. It is originally a seasonal beer for the summer or late summer, but saison is nowadays available all year round. Saison is a nice fresh beer to which herbs and/or spices are often added such as: kloves, ginger, pepper or coriander. These ingredients develop a unique taste and thus distinguishes saison from a normal blond or amber beer. 

In addition to the fresh, fruity and spicy aromas, saison is slightly bitter. That makes saison an easy drinker. The alcohol percentage of saison is usually between 5% and 6.5%.

The history of saison

Saison beer is originally from Wallonia, located in Belgium. In this region, beer was also brewed on the larger farms. For that reason, saison beer is also called ‘Farmhouse Ale’.

But where does the name saison come from? Saison is French for season. In winter, beer with a low alcohol percentage was brewed on large farms. This beer was mainly brewed for the seasonal workers who came to work during the summer harvest season. Beer was part of the wages of these workers. To keep the beer lasting until the summer, extra hops were added. This is because this is a natural preservative. Back in the days refrigerators were not available at that time, so let nature do the job!

The summer harvest made it possible to brew new saison beer during the winter. Thus the seasonal workers indirectly worked for their own wages the following season. That’s what we call the circle of beer, or well, the circle of Saison beer during all seasons. 

Saison beer is making it’s come back

Saison beer has been around for centuries, but extinction was around the corner for a while. Until a revival arose in the United States and Saison made it’s come back. Since the last few years Saison beer is also popular in the Netherlands. Especially in the southern part. Here you will also find several breweries that successfully brewed a tasty Saison beer, such as Alm Saison van Nevel from Nijmegen, Saison In The Abyss from Bliksem from Breda and Zeeson from De Natte Gijt from Weert.


Reguirements of Saison beer

Saison beer is not only brewed in Belgium these days. However, you have to meet some requirements if you want to brew saison beer. A real Saison may only deviate on two of the following criteria:

  • It needs to have a blonde or amber color
  • 5% to 6.5% alcohol
  • Top fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle / high degree of fermentation
  • lots of hops
  • Brewed with barley malt as a basic grain
  • Fresh and thirst-quenching

Saison's popularity is increasing every summer. This is because more and more breweries are brewing Saison beer. Thanks to these breweries, Saison is coming back to the stage!  So there is a good chance that you will be sitting on the terrace with a big snifter of saison in front of you this summer! Do you prefer white beers? Than check out our 5 tastiest white beers for the summer


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