5 tastiest white beers for the summer

It is that time of year again: enjoying the warm sun while relaxing on the terrace. This is a perfect moment to enjoy a fresh and fruity white beer. Fortunately, you no longer have to wait until summer, because you can enjoy a white beer all year round. In this blog we list the best white beers for those warm summer days. Our tip: the sun doesn't necessarily have to shine and you can of course try them all. Why not?

What is white beer?

Before you read any further, let’s discuss what can be defined as a white beer. White beer (Witbier) is a fresh and fruity beer that is mainly drunk during summer. White beers have a light color (blonde white) and a low bitterness and smooth body. Usually the alcohol percentage is between 4.5% and 5%. It is a perfect beer to enjoy during warm days, but of course you can also drink white beer during the colder days. You can read more about white beer on our page Wheat / Wit / Weizen

Ok, ready for 5 tastiest white beers? Read on: 

1. Abnormalweiss by Abnormal

We kick off with this German-Style Hefeweizen white beer. This is Abnormalweiss from Abnormal and is from San Diego California. It is a traditional classic German style wheat beer. This beer can be recognized by it’s interesting mix of spicy notes of cloves and a fruity mix of banana and citrus. A delicious combination that fits perfectly together with warm days and can even be drunk during brunch. Why? That is a(n) (ab)normal to drink a beer, right?


Abnormal weiss beer.


2. Blitz by Bliksem

From the south of our own country (Netherlands), in the city of Breda, we present Blitz Hefeweizen van Bliksem. Enjoy long summer evenings with this refreshing white beer. You are more than ready to join the festival season and experience a 'striking' summer when you enjoy this great white beer from North Brabant. Brewed with German Cascade and American Citra hops you will experience fresh hop bitterness and citrus. Be quick, otherwise you might miss out! Hey ho, let's go!

3. Zwaluws Nat by Ramses

Another great beer that should be on the list of the best white beers for the summer: Zwaluws Nat. This beer also comes from the south of our own country and comes from Hooge Zwaluwe, hence the name. This regional beer contains Drimmels spelt, barley from Oss and Brabant water. In combination with the German hops, the beer gives fresh notes of pine forest and lemon balm. The wheat, weizen yeast and Munich color malt ultimately make this beer a true classic. Definitely worth a try!

4. Hoek Van Nieuw Holland by AF Brew

This is an ultra-classic 'Dutch' white beer with two main ingredients: orange peel and coriander. This beer was brewed for the special occasion of the opening of 'Camorra Isola', which is located in the western corner of New Holland, a 300-year-old man-made island in the heart of old Saint Petersburg. So don't get confused by the name of this beer, because Hoek Van Nieuw Holland comes to you all the way from Russia!

Hoek van nieuwe holland white beer.

5. Dakhaas by Maximus

Hey dakhoas! Sorry, but we cannot translate this old Dutch saying that is mostly used by people that live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It means something like: “He you, idiot!” You could hear an Utrechter (inhabitant of Utrecht) speaking out this name according to it’s dialect. But when we talk about the white beer Dakhaas by Maximus, this is anything but idiot. We are talking about a Witzen that is somewhere between an amber-coloured Weizenbier and a Belgian Witbier. This is a great white beer for every season. You will discover flavors of light notes of caramel and taste a drier malt taste. In addition, this beer is characterized as floral and soft. Who's in the mood for a Dakhoas from Utreg? 

There are more white beers to try at Beer Republic

Ok! So right now, picture yourself with a delicious white beer in the sun! Do we need to say more? Hopefully, after reading this blog, you have gained enough inspiration to try out different types of white beer. Be sure to take a look at our other white beers and Weizen. At Beer Republic you will always find the right beer that suits your wishes and cravings. Also for those hot summer days you can order white craft beers via our webshop!