These are the most outstanding winter beers for 2021 / 2022

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is slowly starting to drop towards 0. That can only mean one thing: winter beers are available again! These beers are known for their dark colour and a rich full body taste. Correct, we are talking about Old Ale, Scotch Ale and Barley Wine. This is our list of the most outstanding winter beers that will keep you warm during the winter of 2021 / 2022.

Scotch Ale (Wee Heavys)

Ever heard of Wee Heavys beer? Or does Scotch Ale ring a bell? This beer was originally brewed in Scotland during the 19th century and is known for its top fermentation. Scotch Ale was mainly served in small quantities and was available for a few shillings. The name 'Wee Heavys' can also be translated as 'something stronger', which makes sense because of the higher alcohol percentage it contains.

Scotch Ale is normally only brewed in a kettle. This provides a sweet flavor with a delicious hint of caramel. Let this beer surprise you and make sure that it is also on your beer bucket list! Cheers!

Wee Heavys is perfect for the cold winter days

Scotch Ales are perfect for the cold winter days because of the high alcohol percentage. Try this beer in combination with (wild) meat, spicy (well-seasoned) food and creamy desserts and you will discover its true potential. But, you can also enjoy this real typical winter beer 'solo'. The choice is yours to make! 

Founders brewery accepted the challenge of brewing Scotch Ale

Founders Brewery decided to brew Scotch Ale as their first craft beer. And that is very unusual, because it’s quite a challenge. For this reason, people would consider them mad as a hatter. But they were certainly not kooky at all, because the first great Scotch Ale they brewed was a huge success! 

Scotch Ale by Founders that you need to taste

As we just mentioned, Scotch Ale by Founders is a winter beer you need to try out. Our suggestion:

Backwoods Bastard

A great dark color that is misleading but o so tasty: Backwoods Bastard is a Scotch Ale by perfection and ready for you to drink during the cold winter days. You can say without harm that this is a complex dark beer with a 'full body'. You can taste 'sweet caramel' and 'roasted malts'. This Wee Heavy is a kick-back sipper and is a surprising winter beer that you should enjoy. 

Backwood bastard winter beer.

Barley Wine

Less known is Barley Wine, or in Dutch 'Gerstewijn'. This beer style has a bittersweet, but rich taste. It has a high alcohol percentage which makes it a perfect choice for the winter. The name of this beer can be a bit confusing, because there is no wine in this beer. Then why the name Barley Wine? Because of the complex flavors that often arise when drinking this beer just like flavors and profiles that also emerge in wine. Barley Wine is a unique craft beer that you should order at Beer Republic this winter.

American or English style Barley Wine? 

Barley Wine comes in different styles. The American tends to be hoppier and has an intense hop taste and is bitter. The English style, or ‘British-style’ is more balanced due to the combination of malt and hops. You can best serve this winter beer with a charcuterie board with different meats. Prefer cheese? Then you can also combine Barley Wine with creamy cheeses. Conclusion, order your Barley Wine at Beer Republic and enjoy the winter with this wonderful beer. 

Try out our suggestions

 Want some help ordering Barley Wine? These are our suggestions:

Barely Wine by Evil Twin (English)

    barley wine.

    Fathead by Nebraska (American)

      Vanilla Bean Fathead (American)

        Vanilla bean fathead winter beer for 2021 and 2022

        Old Ale: traditional English beer

        Another winter beer that should be included in our list of best winter beers: English Old Ale. This traditional beer, just like the beers we just mentioned, has a high alcohol percentage. Look further than the most beautiful colors of amber and dark copper, and experience an unique and interesting flavor. We can describe this as sweet with a spicy scent or kick. Moreover, you will notice caramel, nutty and even smoky scents.

        Old Ales are barrel-aged beers and have a subtle sour taste. It is also possible that an Old Ale is brewed with dried fruits, which can create a wine profile or character. As we already mentioned, this is a surprising winter beer that definitely deserves a place in this blog about the most surprising winter beers for 2021/2022.

        Our Old Ale suggestions for you to order

        Do you want to try out one of our Old Ale English beers? Than check out our following suggestions: 

        Saule by The Bruery

        Winterbeer Sauly at Beer Republic.


          Acier by The Bruery

            Acier winterbeer for 2021 and 2022

            Order the best winter beer online at Beer Republic

            Well, this is the end of our list of best winter beers for 2021 / 2022. This is the moment to update your bucket beer list. We recommend trying them all! Go for it and order different types, flavors and styles. That’s how you keep discovering new types of beers. Winter is coming, so order the best winter beers for the cold days now at Beer Republic.