6 reasons why ‘regular’ pilsner is not boring and simple at all

‘I would like a beer please’. It is possible that you asked this question more than once when you were ordering a drink at a bar or restaurant. The regular (or common) beer we drink is perhaps too basic’ for many people? The lager, pilsen beer or pilsner, seems simple. But is that really the case? If you say: a pilsner is boring and simple, we'll stop you right away. On the basis of 6 different pilsners, we prove the contrary and tell you why a 'normal' pilsner or ‘regular’ beer is not boring at all. 

What is pilsner? 

Before we move on to pilsner, also known as pilsener or pils, it is good to explain what pilsner is exactly. Pilsner is the most popular beer in the Netherlands and most people order this type of beer in a bar or restaurant. This is the 'ordinary beer' according to the Dutchies (or Hollanders). You can recognize pilsner by its golden yellow color and it’s slightly less bitter flavors than craft beer.

Is lager not the same as pilsner? 

Lager is an umbrella term for bottom-fermented beers. Pils, or pilsner, is part of this term and therefore also called ‘lager’. Pilsner is lager, but lager is not always pilsner. Got it? On the page about pilsener and lager we explain more about this type of beer.

So, that’s clear we hope! Let’s continue to our list of 6 pilsener that are not boring at all:

1. Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Mama's Little Yella Pils is brewed by the Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont Colorado. Mama's is made from solid amounts of pale malts, special German malts and a mix of traditional (Saaz) and 21st century Bavarian hops. Discover a rich tasteful pilsner brewed with ‘Mama's soft hopping’. Maybe this pilsner is soft and easy, but very delicious! This lager is far from boring and you should definitely give it a try.

2. Golden Pilsner by Fremont

The 'regular' pilsner for those cool moments with your friends, that's what Golden PilsenerFremont is all about. An incredibly refreshing lager that tastes outstandingly good. The aroma of water cracker, honey, lemon, honeysuckle and grass notes are the basis of this golden lager. Medium sweet with a slightly bitter, crisp body. Another pilsner that stands out in the crowd and will taste even better when friends are gathered around!

Golden pilsner by Fremont Beer Republic

3. Reuben’s Pilsner

Sounds like a simple pilsener, right? But nothing could be further away from the truth! This Czech-style pilsner is ‘clean and clear’ with bready notes of malt. You will also discover flowery flavors and a firm bitterness hint. Pilsner from Reuben's has the perfect balance and is a pilsner that you should definitely try at least once. This is the perfect example that pilsner doesn't have to be boring at all.

4. Fierce Pilsner

All the way from Scotland: Fierce Pilsner This pilsner is a classic lager style beer which has spent over six weeks in tank. Slowly matured and therefore a crip en clean full flavour. What does is mean to be fierce? Drinking this bad boy! And by the way: Being fierce is a compliment and it is not an insult. Enjoy and cheers!

Fierce pilsner Beer Republic

5. Tarty Pilsner by Puhaste

Let’s say that this is a mystery in a can. Say hi to Tartu Pilsner of Puhaste, the mystery of Tartu. Is there anything special, secret or mysterious about this lager? No one has the key to finding the right answer (that’s what it says). The secrets will always be kept from the fools who drink river water instead of beer. Brewed with hops Hersbrucker, Perle and Loral and with finest lager and pilsner malts. Who loves a good riddle and dares to try this beer from Estonia?

6. Coalesce by The Veil

Last on our list, a traditional Czech style Pilsner. Coalesce by The Veil is made with Bohemian pilsner malt based on traditional German hops. This lager is stored (ageing) for 6 weeks. This creates a special pilsner that is refreshing and 'dangerously' easy to drink. By just looking at the label of this can, you immediately understand that this is a special beer. Ready to be surprised?

Order extraordinary pilsner online at Beer Republic

So, are you convinced? In addition to Hertog Jan, Heineken,  or any other type of pilsener, there are also special types of pils that are way beyond 'normal'. After reading this blog, you will also have a new topic to brag about during the next birthday party. Finally you can explain in great detail, while enjoying a beer, that there are indeed special pilsners waiting out there to be added to your beer bucketlist. And please, do mention that you can order pilsner and other types of craft beer online at Beer Republic. Thanks and cheers!