The Crafty Countdown to Christmas

Packed to the max.

24 special beers. 24 different breweries. 1 incredible box. Mindblowing!

Unique design.

This is a huge box which you or your family can color while sipping your beer of the day.

Like no other.

All American. All direct from the brewery. You cannot find this selection elsewhere.

Fresh and Fast

Delivered to your doorstep in November so you can enjoy fresh beer to the max.

Featured Breweries

Featured Styles


You cannot have a Beer Republic Advent Calendar without the style that has given rebirth to by USA breweries. About 12 different ones are in the box ranging from West Coast and Hazy to Double IPA's.


The base of every beer. Defines color, defines taste. Winter is coming, so we have plenty of different styles to give you that dark warm touch like (Imperial) Stouts and other ones. Malt has no moderation.


Besides two surprise slots we have beers in the Advent Calendar that don't really fit in hops or malt categories. A seasonal, a strong golden, a spicy one. We have got you covered for a fingerlicking surprise.

Color your Christmas. Felt pens included to be creative!


No No Noooo...

Yes, every box has the same content and all the beers are on the same spots as your buddies box except for the 2 surprise slots. It might occur in the very rare moment that a beer is switched in spots as we might sip one or two ourselves during packing.

This year we tried to make a balanced assortment of different beers. You can expect IPA's in all sorts, an occasional special style and quite some different kinds of beers in the darker category.

If we have beer left, it will be featured in our store as from the day it is released according to the unboxing day.

It's jam packed with 24 cans.

The cans come in 355ml (12oz) so you'll get 8.52 litres of craft beer to tick away.


All orders go out in November to guarantee you the best fresh beers. The general release date is announced here. After that it is daily as normally scheduled.

Yes, but the calendar is treated and shipped as a separate box.

Yes of course! If you want five or more, make independent orders or email us and we will fix it for you.

Yes because it's Christmas! Just input a different address in 'shipping' when you checkout. Note that if you combine the Calendar with beers for yourself, your buddy will get those beers as well. So if you want to separate your and your friends' order, you have to order twice.


The Calendar is not eligible for the Bonus Value or other special offers.

For logistic reasons we cannot cancel your order and (pre)orders placed are binding for that matter.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.